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start your wordpress blog Powerup your Wordpress site on our multi-server hosting platform.

We'll make sure your site is always available, up-to-date and take care of backing everything up (several times a day).

Need help getting started? We include several fantastic themes created by the good folks over at SimpleThemes. If you choose one of their themes, you can take advantage of their support services and get the answers you need directly from the gurus that created your theme.

Start your WordPress site for just $9.95 a month or $99.50 a year (That's just $8.33 a month). No hidden fees are lurking around. You sign up, we set you up. It's that simple.

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what makes us different?

Built on Amazon web services We host your WordPress site on our scalable network of servers powered by the same infrastructure that fuels

Your site is powered by several servers which can be scaled on a moments notice. This allows us to respond quickly to changes in traffic and provides built in redundancy which minimizes the potential for downtime.

Our network is specifically tuned for WordPress performance and security. As such, we do not blindly support some risky php and server tasks that you may have seen with other hosts. We also do not provide control panels with all sorts of potentially dangerous buttons and dials which can easily land you in a tough spot. Instead, we focus on providing a clean scalable home for your website. A place where all the server magic, backups and security concerns are taken care of so that you can focus on your site.