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email marketing

Email Marketing by Constant Contact is the easy, effective and highly affordable way to get your message out, and build strong, successful, and lasting relationships.


  • Collects site visitor emails and interests
  • Imports in-house permission-based email addresses
  • Creates and sends great-looking email newsletters and promotions in minutes
  • Manages your list and tracks and reports your results automatically
  • No technical expertise is necessary


  • Wizard guides you through campaign creation
  • Wide variety of ready-to-use letter templates (newsletters, seasonal/holiday promotions, company updates and more!)
  • Unsubscribe feature automatically included on every email
  • Automatic email formatting and delivery (HTML and Text)
  • Automatic list management and instant results reporting

Constant Contact was designed to meet the needs of small businesses -- it's easy-to-use and affordable.

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case studies:

CIS Case Study Center for International Studies
"I tested both Constant Contact and a competitor product and Constant Contact was much easier to use."
- Jeff Palm, Director
Emitations Case Study
"Orders pour in within 24 hours after I send my newsletters. In an economy where most companies are suffering, I can't believe that I'm actually thriving and breaking revenue goals every month."

"I really do appreciate the product and service that I have received from Constant Contact. I would recommend using Constant Contact to any small business owner."
- Au-Co Mai, CEO

Kuartos Case Study
"Constant Contact is a great product. I don't need a Webmaster or a technical person to handle my newsletters anymore. My product manager and I can do everything very easily."

"My customers were very pleased to be able to specify their interests, and impressed that the information they received was targeted to them."
- Raphael Baekeland, CEO

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