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Targeting savvy travelers and repeat visitors to the Mexican Caribbean and other Mexican destinations, offers the convenience of online reservations as well as unbeatable rates on hotel rooms in popular areas such as Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, and the Riviera Maya. More recently, the company has added coverage in Puerta Vallarta and Los Cabos as demand increases for its rock-bottom prices, special offers, last-minute deals, and the local-market expertise that Kuartos provides.

According to Raphael Baekeland, general manager of, the company's success is a result of the company's "boutique-like" focus on its market and customers. "We are purely a Mexican vacation hotel specialist," he said. "We don't sell airline tickets or rent cars and we appeal to smart travelers who know where they want to go and who understand our value. This focus - and our excellent connections with local hotel managers and sales teams -- makes it possible for us to offer unbeatable room rates and fast reservation confirmations."

Since a major component of's value proposition lies in its rapidly changing inventory of room specials, it's essential for the company to stay in regular contact with its customers, prospects, and site visitors. "Our specials and promotions are always changing," Baekeland noted. "A visitor might check out our site and not see anything that grabs their attention immediately. But next week, we could have a completely new special offer that appeals to them. It's impractical for them to continually check back with us. We needed a way to proactively communicate with them and tell them about our constantly changing specials."

At first, Kuartos used simple e-mail to communicate with customers, and soon began investigating newsletter-software solutions. "The solutions available were far too complicated," Baekeland said. "They require you to have a technical background and they take a long time to learn and use. We needed something simpler to implement, but with more flexibility and power."


Aiming to simplify and enhance its outbound communications, Kuartos turned to Constant Contact from Roving Software. Constant Contact helps small businesses reach their visitors and customers easily and affordably with targeted, relevant e-mail communications such as newsletters and promotions.

Constant Contact is both simple and powerful, enabling businesses to automatically target and personalize communications and build lasting relationships with customers. Constant Contact helps Web site owners capture the e-mail addresses, interests, and preferences of site visitors who "opt-in" for more information. Site owners can use this information to easily and quickly create relevant messages for targeted audiences. That enables businesses to quickly deploy permission-based marketing and encourage return visits. What's more, you can implement Constant Contact in just minutes with only very small modifications to the Web site.

"I tested Constant Contact myself and I'm not a technical person," Baekeland said. "I don't understand much about computers at all and yet I realized that I could use it without any trouble. Now, our marketing manager is handling this for us and she doesn't have a technical background either. Constant Contact's ease-of-use is a very important benefit for us."


Using Constant Contact, Kuartos has developed e-mail-based newsletters for eight different customer segments. "We like the fact that we can create different materials for different groups," said Baekeland. "For example, we have a newsletter just for travel-agent professionals and another one for consumers interested in certain hotel packages. With Constant Contact, we don't have to put out a single newsletter that's watered down to the lowest-common denominator. Everything we send is relevant to the subscriber's interests."

"We've been getting a terrific reaction to our e-mail. Our customers get lots of these kinds of messages from other businesses and they tell us that ours not only look a lot better but also contain relevant and valuable information."

Baekeland notes that in just a couple of months since implementing Constant Contact, Kuartos has seen significant results. "We already have 1,900 subscribers," he said. "We're capturing them on the Web site in two ways. First, we use Constant Contact "Opt-In Builder" to capture names directly. Then, we offer a monthly drawing where we give away a free vacation to pull in more names. We can easily enter those contest names into Constant Contact as well. Between the two methods, we're adding as many as 150 names a day and 90 percent of them are opting in for the newsletter."

As Kuartos extends its e-marketing efforts further, Baekeland says Constant Contact will continue to play a pivotal role. "We envision building an entire series of newsletters that highlight individual hotel properties in different destination cities," he said. "And we are considering many different non-newsletter-based e-mail promotions as well."


Company Profile
  • Specialty site for online reservations for Mexican hotels in popular tourist destinations
  • Unmatched rates, local service, knowledgeable experts
  • Representing more than 50,000 rooms in Cancun, as well as other leading cities
  • Building relationships with members
  • Providing timely information on fast-changing rates and availability of hotel rooms and vacation packages
  • Delivering customized versions newsletters tailored to different audiences' needs, such as travel agents and consumers
  • Constant Contact - The Email Marketing Manager for Small Business. Constant Contact enables businesses to capture e-mail addresses, interests, and preferences of site visitors and customers who "opt-in" for more information and automates targeted, relevant, and professional e-mail communications using that information. With Constant Contact, businesses can quickly and affordably deploy permission-based marketing, build relationships, and encourage return visits.
  • Simplicity - Simple for non-technical users to build and send e-mail newsletters
  • Relevance -Constant Contact makes it easy to build narrowly tailored newsletters serving the unique needs of different audiences
  • Impact - Constant Contact is capturing hundreds of names every week, giving Kuartos a stronger marketing channel

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